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Sinus Lifts

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Dental implants are an exceptional way of helping to keep your jaw intact and healthy after losing a tooth. However, the implants need a strong bone to be able to attach to when they are placed into your jaw. Getting a sinus lift may be required for some patients prior to getting dental implants, if the bone at the bottom of your sinus cavity is not quite strong enough to support the implants at this point in time. To find out if you would need a sinus lift, come in and see us at Dental Implant Advocates, and let us take a look.

One of the main keys to a successful implant is the quantity and quality of the bone where the implant is going to be placed. The upper back of the jaw bone has notoriously been a difficult area to place implants due to the close proximity to the sinuses. If significant bone loss has occurred in this area it can make a successful surgery very difficult.
Sinus lift surgery can often correct this issue by raising the floor of the sinus which can allow for addition development of the bone in this area. Typically, a bone graft is placed into this area and allowed to heal over the course of 4-12 months but can make all the difference between long term success and imminent failure of a dental implant.  Most patients experience minimal discomfort during this procedure and often it can be done under local anesthesia.

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