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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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A full mouth restoration or (full mouth rehabilitation) is typically the process of having multiple procedures performed in a patient’s mouth to provide an impeccable appearance and professional quality smile. A full mouth rehabilitation involves anything from dental bridges, dental crowns, fillings, dental implants, tooth extractions, veneers and much more. In addition to the procedures for the teeth a full mouth rehabilitation will also involve repairing and maintenance to the patient’s gums to ensure total oral health.

What Sort of Procedures are Included in a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

  • Bone grafting may be needed in order to enhance the strength of your jaw bone in order for a dental implant to be placed.

  • Orthodontics may be required in order to help shift move teeth in the necessary positions for an optimal look. Adult braces or invisalign are increasingly becoming more popular.

  • Placement of veneers could be added to create an appealing look for your teeth. Veneers can whiten, reshape, resize, close gaps and much more.

  • Placement of dental implants may be recommended to replace a missing tooth or an extracted tooth. It’s important to replace missing teeth right away in order to avoid jaw bone issues in the future.

  • Placement of crowns could help to strengthen a tooth that requires a root canal. Dental crowns can also be used to cover other natural teeth that are badly yellowed or need to be reshaped because they are cracked or chipped.

  • Contouring of the gums could occur in order to help the appearance of your overall smile.

  • In extreme cases, an orthographic surgery may be required to reposition the jaw in a way that is better functioning for your smile.

  • Deep cleanings are needed in order for proper care to be maintained for both teeth and gums. Total oral health is extremely important, every patient should visit their dentist for a proper teeth cleaning every 6 months.

The above list is just a few of the many procedures that may take place in your full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Sajadi will perform x-rays and a dental check-up in order to determine exactly what needs to be done in your mouth. The health and functionality of your smile is Dr. Sajadi’s #1 goal for your full mouth rehabilitation. If you have chips, cracks, toothaches, missing teeth, muscle or jaw bone pain, headaches related to the jaw and much more, we will tackle these issues to ensure you’re happy with the health and functionality of your smile.

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