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Mini Implants

Periodent, PLLC.

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Still made from the same high quality materials as our other traditional implants these are have a much smaller diameter. These implants also known as “narrow body implants” have a screw instead of a post and are inserted through the gum tissue into the jawbone which means that there are no stitches needed during the process.

Who would benefit from a mini implant?

Often times patients may have suffered significant loss of bone mass within their jaw bone either from the natural aging process, long term denture use or other medical issues such as osteoporosis which has caused them to not be ideal candidates for typical implant procedures. Also, many patients who are seeking to replace their incisors may find that the mini implants provide a more viable option where they just don’t have sufficient spacing to place a typical implant.

How is it done:

This implant is planned in exactly the same way as the traditional single implant using our state of the art diagnostic imaging techniques for the most ideal placement of your mini implant the first time every time. The actual surgery is slightly different in that it requires no incisions and therefore no stitches. The patient can often have this procedure performed under local anesthesia and experiences significantly less side effects because of its less invasive nature.

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